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We are here to assist you in reaching your real estate goals while making the process fun and rewarding.  As your trusted advisors, we are your guides through the experience of  buyer or selling a home.  Our goal is to help you move through the process easily and quickly and in the end see it as a very positive  experience.  We focus on education so that you are empowered to make decisions that are right for you.  We have a network of outstanding professionals that will also look out for your best interests.  

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Karoline & Wick

RE/MAX equity group


Karoline & Wick were my real estate team in the purchase and later sale of my first home. It was a positive experience from start to finish, and everywhere in between. They are truly there for the benefit of their clients, not only during the process but long after the paperwork is signed and filed. Whether your buying your first or tenth home, Karoline & Wick are the best asset you can have on your team: trustworthy, knowledgeable, compassionate, committed and they even make the experience fun!





"Karoline & Wick were wonderful to work with. They brought us through all the ups and downs of the home buying process and made it fun. Karoline helped us work through exactly the type of house we wanted and Wick is an invaluable source of knowledge when it comes home repair and smart home investment. And, if your new home needs work, like ours did, he is there to help line up the best contractors. Wick also made sure that we got the best deal possible, working up to the last minute to ensure the deal worked out in our favor. We would recommend working with them to any of our friends."



"Karoline and Wick are of the highest caliber of realtors and the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. I've worked with them 3 times now from 2007 - 2014, once to buy a home, once to try to sell a home under terrifically difficult economic times, and again to sell said home.

This last one was exceptional as the other owner and I were not local, one of us overseas, and we had to place our complete trust in them.

It was well placed. They project managed getting the property in to sellable condition, taking on some risk themselves. It turned out lovely. Communciations went smoothly, even at times of 3 parties in separate time zones (one of us HQ'ed in Europe.)

Sold in 6 days with 6 offers. Closed in 28 days.
They have my highest recommendation."


Karoline was wonderful every step of the way. She was very knowledgeable about every topic relating to our sale. She had every contractor at her fingertips to work on my mom's house and everyone recommended was prompt, professional and fairly priced. I was out of town right before the house went on  the market and Karoline handled all of the last minute things for me - which took some coordinating. When we were in negotiations, I felt like she very much respected my opinion and would give me advice as to what she thought - but left all the decisions to me. The house sold quickly and I was very happy with the price. I would use Karoline again and highly recommend her.

Karoline is completely organized in her approach and the tools she provided during the search helped me to keep everything straight.  I was also impressed with the fact that she took the time to really listen.  She listened to everything I could put into words and I think she picked up on a few things I couldn’t.  We looked and a few houses where I shared what I liked and what I didn’t.  Within just a few houses she knew exactly what I was looking for and found the PERFECT home.  

Of course finding the home was just the first part and Karoline was there every step of the way.  Her knowledge of the process and homes in general was invaluable.  She was able to provide very sound advice on things to look for and consider when constructing our offer.  She also recommended wonderful professionals and coordinated inspections and work on the house.  I didn’t have to worry about a thing.  She really went above and beyond!

I really can not say enough about how easy and fun Karoline made buying my home.  It was a 100% positive experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone in the market to sell or buy a home.  I guarantee you won’t find anyone more committed to you!  

Karoline and Wick have helped me to buy two houses and sell one Portland over the past 2.5 years. Each time, they have made the experience as painless as possible and have gone above and beyond my expectations in assisting me with inspections, getting estimates for work, recommending professionals  and in their responsiveness to my needs in meeting deadlines or getting information. They have a wonderful team and, in addition, are super sweet people. Their fun, community-building activities and events that they host for their clients are also amazing. I love that they love what they do so much. And I love my home. I plan to continue to utilize their expertise as I move into the rental market as a landlord. Thanks, Karoline and Wick!

I want to thank you for your guidance and support throughout this home-buying process. It was a scary, thrilling, and fun (all mixed together) experience. I felt like you really worked hard on my behalf and you were available for every little thing...

I will have tons of fun making my little home mine. If it hadn't been for your purchase and renovation of the house on the corner, and your cute father-in-law, I may have waited years to take the step to find out if I could even have a house. I am grateful to you, Wick, Julie and John for all your help...

I will miss you now that I have my keys and the papers are signed. I want you among my friends now and I hope to see you after. 



"We weren't sure we could afford a house, but after taking Karoline’s Homebuying 101 class, we realized the tax benefits to owning a home along with the incentives offered to first time home buyers made it not only possible, but a no-brainer.  We had a fantasy of finding a home with a big backyard that we could get married in - and it had to be close-in, not a fixer-upper, and in our price range.  Karoline was able to negotiate a great deal on the perfect house for us, and we got married in our backyard the following summer."


I wish to add just a  couple of comments to the favorable review submitted by my wife Karen   earlier.

When we visited Portland in late January to search for a home, it was my very   first time there. And, although we had been working with Karoline over the   phone and through email for several months by now, I did not meet here until   then.

Even though I knew of her stellar reputation from two daughters in Portland   who, in recent months, had used her assistance, I was impressed from the   git-go with her open and friendly manner, knowledge of both houses and   neighborhoods, and her excellent communication skills. She, and as I learned   later that week her husband Wick, are extremely good listeners, and they   quickly become attuned to those aspects of neighborhoods and houses which the   people they are assisting have identified as important.

We have also found the post-finding the right house experience very positive   as well. Frankly, the process to date has been far more pleasant, efficient,   and -- frankly -- speedy than I had anticipated.

Karen and I just could not recommend them more highly!

It is a privilege to submit this review!



"I have bought and sold 4 homes now in the Portland area and had a fabulous realtor before. However, Karoline and Wick are WITHOUT A DOUBT the BEST REALTORS I have ever had experience with. My husband found them by accident with our last sale of our home. We have been truly blessed to have found such wonderful, attentive, intuitive, professional, go getters ever!!! They go above and beyond what most realtors do and are with you every step of the process!!! Love love love them!! Thank you Karoline and Wick!!! We got an awesome closing gift too!! I am all about customer service and a nice hand written thank you note combined with a great we appreciate your business gift is HUGE with me!!"

We had a great experience working with Karoline and Wick to sell our house. They are good listeners, they are respectful, they are creative, and they have a good team of professionals that they work with. I would work with them again in a heartbeat. Wick had a few hints to help us make some upgrades to the house that paid off in the end, and Karoline is so well organized and creative.


"I don't think we could've been happier with our choice of realtor. Karoline took me to so many houses while I was deciding and she was always patient and upbeat and enthusiastic about the process. Then my husband came with me to Portland for a second trip and she had to do it all again and again she was patient and willing. Then she got the flu and her husband Wick stepped in to take over and finished up the process with us, and he also was wonderful to work with. We found a house that we both love!

We've been very happy with the people to whom they have referred us for inspections and tests. They were all prompt and extremely professional and efficient and knowledgeable. Karoline and Wick both gave us very good advice in making our decisions and in negotiating."

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