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Free Hazardous Waste Pick-Up on Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day, we are offering a FREE Hazardous Waste Pick-Up to our clients & friends in the Portland Metropolitan area. 

All you have to do is send an email to us with your address to let us know you want us to stop by.

The event takes place on Saturday April 23rd

Please have your items sitting on your porch or driveway clearly marked to go by 8:00am.

What qualifies as hazardous waste?

  • paints and stains
  • pool and spa chemicals
  • pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and poisons
  • motor oil, antifreeze and other automotive fluids
  • thinners and solvents
  • household cleaners and disinfectants
  • batteries
  • art and hobby chemicals
  • aerosol spray products
  • sharps (medical syringes)
  • propane tanks or bottles from barbecue grills
  • compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFLs, fluorescent tubes and ballasts (up to 12 tubes will be accepted at neighborhood collection events)
  • mercury containing items such as thermometers and thermostats

If you have any of these things lying around the house not getting used, it's time to purge!

For more information on hazardous waste, please visit this link: Oregon Metro Guide to Hazardous Waste


- Karoline, Wick & Scarlet